The Louisiana Men’s Health Conference Committee is comprised of health professionals, business leaders, and community activists from the Greater Baton Rouge area. Each committee member offers expertise in educating our community.

The LMHCC is dedicated to raising men’s health interest and awareness by informing them about improving their health and well being and effects on their families. In an age where health education and prevention are more important than ever to our nation's well being, the LMHO offers this annual free health conference for men.

Curt Chastain, MD
Lake Men's Health Center
Anna Babin Neal, RN
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
Johnnay Benjamin
Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center
Stephen Cangelosi
Capital One
Renea Duffin
Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center
Judge Luke A. LaVergne, Retired
Retired Judge
Brent Ledet
Paula Neck
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LA
Alan R. Pesch
Patricia Robinson
Baton Rouge Capital City Rotary
Myra Russell, RN
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
Anne Haney
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Fred Sibley
100 Black Men